how to use class management software to regain student Attention

How to use Class Management Software to Regain Student Attention

Online Teaching has its own set of challenges and is totally different than classroom teaching. When students are attending class from the comfort of their homes, it is very likely to have low attention span, lot of distractions, and overall disinterest in listening to the continuous one-way communication from teachers.

Here are few tips you can use while online teaching

  • Begin with discussion.

Students are inquisitive by nature and teachers can encourage students to ask questions. This can be done by giving certain activities or reading activities for students as homework. Students can ask their queries and the other students can discuss the same topic along with the teacher.  This will arouse their interest in learning what is going to be delivered

  • Ask Questions

Encourage student participation by asking them questions. Let them answer in the chatbox. This will let you know how many students are attentively listening and if you need to give them a wake-up exercise

  • Conduct polls

You can create one or two poll questions for each session. Make students answer the poll. Students will enjoy seeing how many peers think alike. This will regain their attention

  • Conduct frequent short tests

To understand the overall attentiveness of the students in the class you can conduct a short test of 5-8 questions after each lecture. These can be questions from the textbooks. You will understand easily how many students are missing out on topics. Online Exam Tools like MyClassAdmin can come in handy for this.

  • Analyze student scores and use personal counseling for weak students and parents

Online Exam result analysis will point out weaker students of the class. You can conduct personal counseling sessions for students who are not able to perform well and see if you can solve their problems.

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