The Complete Virtual Classroom Software at its best

The Complete Virtual Classroom Software at its best.

In today’s world of Pandemic, Virtual Classroom is a need of every educational institute. However, it is difficult to find software that fulfills all the needs of teachers, students as well as parents.

Most institutes have been using video communication apps for conducting lectures, online survey forms for conducting exams, and social media platforms to communicate with students and parents. Managing all these various platforms and keeping track of all the activities is difficult for teachers as well as institute owners. This is increasing the load of writing all the updates on sheets and submitting daily activities to institute heads. Even then institute heads do not have any access to track or verify any of these activities.

Due to reduced financial flow, each business today is suffering and educational institutions are in the same group. Educational Institutional heads are struggling in recovering fees. At the same time, they do not want students to miss education.

We at MyClassAdmin understand this situation very well and have been helping so many teachers deal with the situation effectively with increased admissions and efficient management.

What is MyClassAdmin virtual classroom software all about?

From live lectures to e-notes, from virtual doubt-solving sessions to online exams and homework submissions, everything is possible with MyClassAdmin.

  1. You can collect online inquiry forms.
  2. You can schedule time-table for online lectures
  3. Live Lecture attendance is automatically taken.  
  4. Live lectures are more interactive with polls, public chat, screen sharing, video sharing and PPTs
  5. Lectures notes are given to students via MyClassAdmin platform.
  6. Notifications of upcoming activities are sent to students and parents are notified of the student’s attendance and performance.
  7. Online Tests can be conducted in various modes:
    1. Online Objective Test based on question bank provided by MyClassAdmin
    2. Online Objective Test based on questions from the user.
    3. Online Subjective/Theory Test based on questionnaire provided by the user where students upload their written answer sheets in given time.

Objective tests are auto-evaluated and Reports with detailed student-wise and question-wise analysis are presented to the teacher.

Subjective test can be evaluated by the professor online.

Homework, projects can be submitted using MyClassAdmin as well.  

MyClassAdmin provides a complete comprehensive solution for virtually running your educational institution.  Instead of using different software for each task and running your day-to-day activities in a haphazard manner, switch to MyClassAdmin and free yourself from managerial work, so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

Also, this is accompanied by Best-in-Class after-sales support and services. Contact Us now on +91-9503273330 and start growing.

MyClassAdmin Today is the best virtual classroom management software in the field of school/coaching management software. All over India has more than 300+ schools & coaching satisfied using our software.

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