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School Management App | Best School App for Parents

Student - Parent School App

  • Let students and parents take charge and check their attendance and test marks whenever they want using MyClassAdmin School Management App for Parent.
  • Reduced hassle of communicating each result, each time-table change or each test declaration to students using School App.
  • Using School Management App hard copy reports to parents will no longer be required.
  • Using this MyClassAdmin school app save time of your non-teaching staff and cost of communication.
  • School management app help to detailed student marks reporting with comparison and over-all ranking. As well helps to viewing students marks report and class details to parents.
  • Unique positioning to improve yours institutes branding.


"Reduce your SMS costing to ZERO. "

  • Using MyClassAdmin School Management App Send Instant notification to students and parents.
  • Get detailed status report for notifications sent.
  • Notification section in MyClassAdmin School Management App as well. Students/Parents can login, to view the notifications again.
  • MyClassAdmin School Management App helps to send notification to all students, particular batch, and group of student or single student as well as parent’s notification.
  • Individual notification recording and tracking if the student/parent have viewed the notification or not.
  • Pre-customized notification message that can be send for absent report and test marks for individual students to them or to their parents.


  • Huge cost saving.
  • Well informed parents, happy parents creates goodwill of the class.
  • Send promotions, discount offer, admission opening and such other details without any cost to all your students who have MyClassAdmin app installed in their phone.



Suitable for private tuitions and coaching classes

  • App to Unlimited Number of Students and Parents
  • Unlimited Notification to Parent and Students
  • Pre-Customized Test Mark report message
  • Pre-Customized Absent report message
  • Send message separately to each student or group of students
  • View Attendance, Time-Table, Test-time table and marks anywhere anytime
  • Give Online Test using App