Best Online Exam Management Software System

If you are looking for an online exam management software for managing objective and subjective exams online, MyClassAdmin will be your one-stop solution.

Here is a brief description of what the online exam management software is all about, how it would help you conduct online exams efficiently and manage students’ responses and results in a structured manner without much hassle.

Objective Online Exam Software system:

This functionality can be provided in 2 ways.

  1. For competitive exam online tests, we provide question bank for a lot of exams.
  2. If you do not find your desired exam in our list of question banks, you can set your own test paper using our Custom Paper Setter feature.

Once your exam paper is ready you can publish it online. Each of your students will have their individual login from which they can appear for these tests.

These exams are auto-evaluated by our software. Results with correct answers and solutions can be displayed to students after the test.

Class result and their analysis is reported to the teachers in their login.

Subjective Online Exam Software system

Conducting subjective exams online is very tricky especially when these actual exams are going to be conducted offline in pen and paper mode. In this case, you cannot expect students to learn good typing skills to answer questions online. Hence we use a different technique in this case.

You can send question papers online to students and in turn, they send back snapshots of the answer sheet they wrote in a timely manner.  Students have to turn in their answer sheets in a fixed time span. The time limit will be set by the teachers.

Teachers get a panel to evaluate these answers sheets submitted by the student. Total marks or grades is can then be displayed to students.

This module can be used for online homework submission & online project submission as well.

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  1. Exam management is the most hectic work these days as all the processes are being executed inline due to the pandemic situation and it has made the work of conduting exams and managing them a tough job. An online exam management software system will definitely help in making it a bit easier to conduct exams online.
    The information that you have shared about the best online exam management system will help us a lot in knowing better about it. Thank you for listing it together and sharing it with us.

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