MyClassAdmin app is now powerful features

MyClassAdmin App is now with Powerful Features

MyClassAdmin is now powerful enough to bring complete online education in your hand (handheld smartphone).

When physicals schools were open before the pandemic, students were mostly asked to be away from phones and laptops and today pandemic has given a turn to the education system. Thanks to technology & internet availability today, we are still able to conduct classes and carry educational activities.

Technology is indeed powerful and MyClassAdmin has the best of it. Be it online lectures or just a homework submission. MyClassAdmin is a powerful tool for students and teachers to interact in a seamless manner. It makes work easier for both teachers and students.

Teachers can also conduct short tests or actual time-based exams using this app. Teachers can provide chapter-wise notes or important videos for student’s reference.

Parents can download these apps too.  Parents can be notified of the student’s class performance, exam scores and attendance records easily with just a click.

Online education on MyClassAdmin runs smoothly without the hassle of handling multiple software and multiple login accounts and then organizing all the information manually. Switch to MyClassAdmin or Take a trial and feel the difference that it will make to your current online school/class scenario.

If you are one of those teachers who are not finding the right solutions for conducting online exams, assignments for languages, or schools in regional language, MyClassAdmin can be a good partner for conducting online exams for you.

PS: We have QR Code Enabled App Logins for kids who are still learning to recognize characters and read on their own.

School Mobile App by MyClassAdmin consists of various, most powerful, and advanced features, and they help your institute and teacher reduce their workload and get new admissions.

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