way to capture more admissions for coaching classes

Ways To Capture more Admissions For Coaching Classes

A year full of the pandemic is gone and all coaching class owners are now again at the same point we were last year. Lockdown, when the admissions were just about to start, is badly impacting business. Uncertainty on exams is adding to an already bad situation. Last year some classes had pre-booked admissions and fared well but this year may be more difficult.

But do not lose hope. Admissions may still come up later, as the exams are being postponed.

Here are few tips on how you can keep your admissions going.

Finding Leads

If you are able to reach students in remote areas where schools and colleges have stopped operating, it will be really beneficial for students.

Please note that you are now teaching online and can teach anyone living anywhere. If you have contacts in schools or classes from where the admissions may come in collaborate with them to get the leads. These schools or classes can now be situated anywhere.

Lecture Strength

Lecture Strength of an online lecture can be higher than a physical lecture. This can increase profitability. Share it with your students.

Understand the need

The need today for students is the interaction of a live classroom. Non-interactive online lectures are already available for free on social media and there are many that are really good. Do not expect parents to pay high for non –interactive lectures. Let students ask queries in the lecture. Solve them in the lecture as you would otherwise do it. Even though few students are asking queries, other students are learning from it as well. 

Conduct regular exams

Though exams are canceled this year, it may not be the case next year. Exams are an important way to keep track of students’ learning.  If you are teaching competitive exams, practice is the most important thing. There are many platforms available today for online exams both subjective as well as objective. Use them. They are worth investing in.

Advertise Online

Advertising on Google search and Facebook/Instagram may be costly for some institutes. If you cannot use them, try making a video giving tips for exams or a clip of revision lecture and share it using social media. Ask your professors to share as well. You can also write down revision points for each chapter and share them one by one. It can help you reach more students. Link these social media activities with a link to fill up admission details or give a phone number where students can call for admissions.

If admissions are low, you can use recorded lectures from last year to distribute to your students at a lower cost. But keep doubt-solving sessions regularly for these students. Conduct exams regularly so you can track students’ progress.

Though the world has gone upside down, technology has helped us to keep it up to our activities. If you need any help regarding the technologies to use, feel free to reach out to us @MyClassAdmin and we will surely be able to guide you without any cost. 

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