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Online School for Toddlers – Tips and Tricks for Better Engagement

This is indeed a topic of concern for both parents and teachers. On Teacher’s end, it is difficult to conduct an online school for toddlers in an effective manner. The biggest challenge here is to make these kids sit throughout the school hours with their computers/phones. And yet make them learn slowly and steadily.

Here are few assumptions for teachers to keep in mind:

  • The attention span of a child is as small as 4 minutes even if the topic sounds very interesting.
  • The children are in the comfort zone of their own home. So the discipline of sitting down in one place is too much for them.
  • It is difficult for kids to understand if voice or video is not clear in an online lecture and they will lose interest completely.
  • Even the child is moving around, he/she may still be attentively listening.

Start your lectures with the above assumptions. Plan the duration of the lectures as per the age of the children. Keep lecture content as crisp as possible. Repeating too many times can be boring for children who are smart.

Here are a few tips on how to keep a toddler hooked to the chair.

  • Schedule an activity for them every 4 minutes of the class. This activity could be showing some actions, answering some questions, moving around the house to find things or drawing/craft artwork, etc. These activities can be related to what you have planned for the class.
  • When children do these activities, appreciate them with their names. Give them a thumbs up or a star or a smiley. This will encourage the child to keep learning and keep attending school.
  • You can sometimes also instruct children to sit properly, sit with hands folded, etc… by names, so they understand that teacher is watching them.
  • Foremost important. Keep your voice and video very clear. Sit with light on your face and not behind you. Speak slowly as the language may be new to children. They are habitual of watching beautiful animated videos online and they expect similar experiences in a live class as well.

Some schools have opted for pre-recorded video classes for kids. This method is also fine if the videos are animated. They will help the child learn. But in this method personal appreciation for the child is missing and hence learning may not be as fast as it would be in a live class. So schools can choose a mix of both as per technology availability and parent’s demand.

Whatever way you choose, if the child is learning effectively that will surely increase the number of admissions for your school for the early ages. Most parents are reluctant to take admissions only because they think their child will not sit through the online lectures. Using these tips you can make lectures interesting enough for the child to sit through and learn effectively. 

Pandemic has drastically changed the way education delivery takes place. We @MyClassAdmin are trying to help teachers through this. Please feel free to ask for any help regarding using technology and we will be happy to help you. 

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