Tips and tricks engaging online lectures for higher secondary students

Tips & Tricks: Engaging Online Lectures for Higher Secondary Students

The average attention span of this age group is 30 minutes which is really good and most lectures are scheduled accordingly. But when it comes to online lectures, there is a lot of distraction these age group of students may have. So to keep each lecture engaging and to make sure that each child is gaining something from the lecture here are some tips:

Ask open-ended questions.

Let students speak in the online class or put their answers in the comments. This will encourage little discussions in the class making the class attentive and more engaged.

Conduct Polls

Once you are done teaching a topic you can ask highlighting questions and students can reply by answering using a poll. Make sure each student has answered. This will give you feedback on how many students understand correctly and will help you decide if re-explaining any part is required

 Encourage Peer Learning

You can make a group of students prepare and present some of the easy topics and you can encourage other students to ask them questions. To ask good questions other students will have to re-read the topic as well.

Pick up names

In an online setting, even a shy student will be able to reply because he/she has the opportunity and no one else can speak up in the time frame given to them. Since names are being picked up, students will have to be attentive

Reading Out Loud

For theoretical topics, one after the other each student can read out to the class. Then you can ask questions to the class regarding the same.

Problem Solving

For subjects with questions to be solved, a few questions can be given to students to solve and each one can write down the answer they got in the chatbox. Then the teacher can answer the correct way to do it.

If you have any interesting tips here, please comment in the comment box for this post so we all can share our learning with our fraternity.

Tips and Tricks will help you create Engaging Online Lectures for Higher Secondary Students.

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