Principle of Effective Online Teaching

Principles of Effective Online Teaching

Teachers should plan values and strive to supply the best quality in distance education. These guiding principles are meant to help faculty in developing exceptional pedagogy and curriculum for online courses.

Principle 1: Student-Faculty Contact

Clear tips and policies concerning communication, regular communication with students throughout the course, and using proactive course management ways enhance student-faculty interaction.

Principle 2: Cooperation among Students

Student engagement in the course, with every other student, is increased when instructors format coursework that facilitates cooperative projects and assignments among students.

Principle 3: Active Learning

Student-to-students sharing of performed coursework provides motivation and encourages peer discussion.

Principle 4: Prompt and Meaningful Feedback

Students are advantaged when instructors provide 2 types of feedback: facts remarks and acknowledgment feedback.

Principle 5: Deadlines and Consistent Patterns of Course Activities

Clear time limits and steady patterns of course activities help students manage busy schedules and encourage regular communication.

Principle 6: High Expectations

High expectations are established through challenging assignments, discussions, and examples of good work and smart work.

Principle 7: Diverse Talents and Ways of Learning

Making courses documents accessible, permitting students to decide on project format and project topics, and integrating student-led discussions help incorporate different views into online courses and accommodate all students.

Principle 8: Course Quality

Online courses are best when instructors frequently monitor and improve the quality of their online courses.

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