New Age Essential Skills for a Good Teacher

New Age Essential Skills for a Good Teacher

Today’s world belongs to the computer age (IT). From school age a lot of students handle computers easily. They know many functions. Students are getting smarter so teachers have to change with essential skills to become good teachers. By adopting good teaching skills, every teacher can make a difference in their little way. The art of teaching is not just about having immense knowledge in your area of expertise, but also about possessing certain personal skills that inspire and influence the lives of students.  You are now not only an effective teacher but also extremely successful at your job.

  • First Work on yourself

The Teacher should develop critical thinking by practicing self awareness at all times. Understand your biases, preferences, strength & weakness to better understand your own thought process, and try to evaluate situations objectively before making decisions or taking actions.

  • Approach towards students  

The teacher should be able to be calm in all situations while maintaining a balanced approach toward different students’ personalities, impulsive behaviour and monitoring them consciously with an open mind and not judgementally.

  • Communication skill

Teachers must have remarkable communication abilities. They must be able to interact with people of all ages, including colleagues, pupils, parents and managers. Educators should effectively deliver information, understand the different points of view from other people and explain the rationale for the choices they make in regard to their teaching.

  • Creative thinking abilities

People learn best when they’re doing something fun and interesting. It’s up to you to be creative in your approach, finding novel and enjoyable ways for your students to learn.

-Take up an artistic hobby, like painting, music or drama.

-Get used to sharing ideas and brainstorming when you have a problem – it’s a skill that will help you connect with your colleagues in future and come up with more creative solutions.

  • Time management skill

Being a teacher requires excellent time management skills. You not only have to arrive at work before your students do, but you also need to allocate time after class to review and grade homework and plan your lessons. That said you’ll also need to schedule in personal time where you can relax and do something for yourself.

  • Emotional & Physical Health

A teacher candidate must successfully navigate through the emotional and physical expectations of a school day related to practical experiences and demonstrate attendance and participation as required and/or negotiated in College and field settings.

  • Language Skills

A teacher candidate must demonstrate proficiency in the language of instruction (oral and written).

  • Imaginative

Thinking of new ideas for your lessons can be easier when using tools that enhance creativity. You can boost your student’s imagination   such as PMI (plus, minus, interesting). After you gather different ideas, evaluate them individually by considering their pluses, minuses and interesting points. After that it will be easier for you to decide which idea is the best one.

  • Key Takeaways

To be an effective teacher, you should be able to motivate and support students so that they are well-equipped to deal with any challenges life throws at them both academically and otherwise. With all the above skills in place, you will invariably take on the title of an effective teacher who inspires students in more ways than one.

Successful teachers know the diverse needs and backgrounds of the students. They constantly remind their students about their equal foothold in the world by creating a classroom environment where each student feels valued, heard, and loved. It creates a sense of belonging among the students.

These were just some crucial skills required by the teachers. Teaching is a highly specialized profession, and to get ahead in that, teachers need these sets of special skills. How far the teachers can aid student learning in this specialized job completely depends upon what choices they make.

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